Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nightmare Fuel Podcast--Episode Ten: The Victims of Jack The Ripper (Part Two)

The killing spree of Jack the Ripper continues.

In this episode you will hear the tragic stories of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes--both of whom were killed on the same night, only blocks apart. Their deaths came to be known as the Double Event, and have influenced Ripper-lore to this day.

WARNING: Listener discretion is advised.

Podcaster's Note: Correction--The Dear Boss letter is often regarded as the first correspondence from Jack The Ripper. In this week's episode, I claimed the Saucy Jack postcard was the first. By the time this episode was recorded, it was too late to rectify the innacuracy.

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Music this week
Artist: Iambic
Song: Storm's Theme
Album: As the Snow Fell
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Videos This Week
Screaming Lord Sutch, and his version of Jack the Ripper

Jack The Ripper meets California surf rock?

NEXT WEEK: The Death of Mary Jane Kelly

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