Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nightmare Fuel Podcast--Episode Thirteen: The DARK SIDE of English Lit

Elizabeth Siddal as Ophelia

Good Evening...
Tonight's tales are taken from the torrid trappings of the story tellers, poets, painters, and movers and shakers of 19th century Britain.
I present to you...
The DARK SIDE of English Lit!
How dark is it? Well, you can tell it's really dark because I put the phrase DARK SIDE in all caps! That's how DARK it is!
The stories in this episode are the thing of literary legend. Oddly enough, they are all true. I've heard these stories time and time again over the course of my life. Now, I share them with you.
Tonights tales include...
1. Jane Austen's Lost Brother
2. Rossetti Digs Liz
3. Percy's on Fire for Mary
I also weigh in on the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Who knew that zombies have a taste for woodchucks? Daryl and Sheriff Rick both know. No worries here, no spoilers in this episode.
I also read out some feedback from the talented and bright Miss Justine, of Justine's Halloween Blog.
Which you can read here: Justine's Halloween
You can also find Justine's Halloween in the LINKS OF DOOM to the left of this post.
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The Players in Tonight's Drama

Jane Austen (The Queen of Romantic Comedies)

Elizabeth Siddal (The Tragic Muse/Supermodel)

Mary Shelley (Mother of Monsters)

Percy Shelley (Poetic Rebel With a Teenage Lust, er, Lust for Teenage Girls)

D.G. Rossetti (Poet, Painter, Playboy, and Man With a Shovel)

Videos of the Week
Some speculate that Jane Austen haunts her old house in Chawton. I suggest she's just a free spirited woman.

Victorians were dead sexy. They had a taste of the morbid, and drank heavily of it. This video is about the seance craze and Elizabeth Siddal's passing.

Courtesy of Justine's Halloween, an audio book reading of one of Schwartz's most gruesome retellings of an urban legend.

Music of the Week
Song: Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ - BWV 639
Performer: Anthony La Mort

LP: Hauptwerk Organ Pieces One
CLICK HERE: To Download from Archive.org

NEXT TIME: The Halloween Reading for 2011!

May your better angels prevail...And may the saints preserve you.
Elizabeth Siddal as The Virgin Mary


  1. Thanks for the sweet shout-outs to me and my blog! :)

    As a person who is very into the Victorian time period, I really enjoyed this post. The Jane Austen ghost video was cool. It makes sense that she would hang out in her old house. It looks like a nice place, and it is filled with her old possessions! It's nice to think of her spirit being aware of the recognition her work has received.

    The Seance craze video was interesting too. I'm sure there were all kinds of tricks used during this time. It would be cool to see someone lift a table with their hand, especially if you believed something paranormal was going on!

    I still haven't looked at and listened to everything in this post, but I'll check it all out later on. There's so much to share from this fascinating time period!

  2. Another awesome episode man! Keep it up.