Thursday, March 24, 2011

Episode 29--Peter Cushing (Part One)

Hello my lovely deviants!

This week, I review the Hammer Frankenstein films, starring Peter Cushing!

Cushing is one of the seminal faces of horror. He acted in numerous films in the genre--for both Hammer, Amicus, and other British studios at the time. He is also familiar to fans of Star Wars for his turn as Grand Moff Tarkin, the only man who could control Vader's murderous impulses. Cushing played some of the best-known filmic and literary characters of all time. He is the only actor to have played all of the following: Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Baron Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, and Dr. Who. He often co-starred with his friend, and colleage, Sir. Christopher Lee--usually in an adverserial role. The two would go on to co-star in over twenty films together!

This week's episode is a starting point for the work of this lovely human being, and phenominal actor.

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The Week's Videos

Peter Cushing tells his life story

Peter Cushing's final interview with Terry Wogan (Cushing's final TV appearance)

The Dead Hour (internet-based anthology show)

Episode Two: Alcoholic Vampire

This Week's Links
Guillermo Del Toro's New Proeject, "Pacific Rim" is revealed!
(Thanks to The Quiet Earth for this story)

Today marks the 137th birthday of Houdini! This week also marks the passing of his last surving assistant, Dorothy Young.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode 28: 28 Days Later...

It's the rage...VIRUS! This week, on The Fly Paper Dungeon.

I provide a feature-length commentary to Danny Boyle's post-apocalyptic nightmare. 28 Days Later is often credited with reviving the zombie sub-genre, and rightly so. Although many may consider the "rage infected" to not be zombies. One thing is certain, this film did breath new life into a classic movie monster. It also revitalized the "Man wakes up, and the world has gone to hell," concept, as written about in such novels as Shelley's The Last Man, Wyndham's Day of the Triffids, and Matheson's I Am Legend.

This film is also an homage to such genre favorites as Night of The Living Dead, The Last Man on Earth, The Omega Man, Romero's original version of The Crazies.

Sit back, strap on your biohazard suit, and get ready for the plague!

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Video of the Week
Ten Questions With Danny Boyle (From Time Magazine's Video Series)

Flaming, that's not a drink.

Next Week: Peter Cushing is...Baron Frankenstein!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Episode 27--Horror Shorts

Good evening, my lovely deviants!

Tonight, I host a short festival of horror film shorts! These little bite-sized gems can be easily digested (unlike the flesh of the undead), and are readily available online (just like the undead).

I offer commentary and critique on these short but sweet morsels of the macbre (try saying that three times fast!)

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Films this week include:

Director: Jeremiah Kipp
This black and white shocker is an original work from an up and coming horror director. Check it out!
WARNING: NSFW. Viewer discretion is advised.

CONTACT from Dominick Sivilli on Vimeo.

The Faeries of Blackheath Woods
Director: Ciaran Foy

Mr. Bubbs
Director and Writer: Todd Thompson

Of Darkness
Director: Gary E. Irwin
Writer: Matt Casale

Colore Non Vedenti
Director and Writer: Jay Cheel

Videos of the Week!
(as if we didn't have enough)
The new Trailer for Jeremiah Kipp's upcoming film The Sadist, starring Tom Savini

The Sadist Trailer- Starring Tom Savini from Dominick Sivilli on Vimeo.

Satan Hates You Trailer

This Weeks Links
Zombie Jerky from Think Geek!