Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nightmare Fuel--Episode Nine: The Victims of Jack The Ripper (Part One)

They were the crimes that shocked a nation and defined an era. Partly truth, and partly legend, the story of Jack the Ripper has fascinated and terrified the public for over one-hundred-and- twenty years. The identity and motive of the killer remains a mystery. All that is known for certain is that five women (that we know of) lost their lives in the autumn of 1888. 

This episode begins a series of retellings of the lives and deaths of the so-called Canonical Five victims of Jack The Ripper. Their killer was never brought to justice. Their stories are often ignored. The mythos of Jack the Ripper has been romanticised in countless novels, films, and television programs. These dramatised accounts normally focus on the deeds and possible identity of the killer. The names of the victims often become plot devices in a murder mystery for entertainment. Instead, I offer an alternative with these following episodes. I present to you the tragic lives of those who perished under the knife of history's most infamous killer.

In this episode: The lives of Polly Ann Nichols and Annie Chapman.


While I have taken great care in the writing of this episode, I could not be true to the story of this case without being somewhat graphic. What you are about to hear are depictions of real death taken from coroner's reports and other sources.

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PODCASTER's NOTE: I would normally include photos or drawings of those I talk about in an episode. However, since the only photos I could find were disturbing morgue photos, I decided not to. If you want to see them for yourself you can visit one of my sources (just click the text). It is of historical note that many of the victims were not photographed prior to their deaths. Tasteful artist conceptions of them in life are rare. As I was unable to find any prior to the posting of this episode, I have decided to refer listeners to resources where post mortem photos can be found. WARNING--view at your own risk. Some of these photos are very graphic.

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   The Trailer for Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper (Video Game)

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NEXT WEEK: The Victims of Jack The Ripper (Part Two)

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