Monday, October 31, 2011

Nightmare Fuel Podcast: Episode Fifteen--A Halloween Reading--Kipling's Pool Playing Spectres!

Good Evening...

Tonight's tale is one of ghoulish goings on in the heart of India.

I present to you, as voted by listeners, the Halloween Reading for 2011!

Rudyard Kipling's My Own True Ghost Story.

As always, you can listen to the haunting goodness here. Or, you can download from

CLICK HERE: To Download This Episode From

Kipling, "I ain't afraid of no bhoots!"

Videos of the Week
An MTV Halloween Classic...Somebody's Watching Me...(And yes, that's The King of Pop on the chorus)

Pumpkin Madness II! Another classic from my childhood.

Happy Halloween, everybody! Now, get into the spirit!


  1. Happy Halloween to you too! :) I'll be checking out all your videos tomorrow, since I'm about to go to sleep. I'm sure I'll still be in the Halloween spirit tomorrow, since I am every day! I'm glad to see that the Kipling story made the cut. I look forward to listening to that!

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