Friday, July 16, 2010

Special Report: The China UFO Sighting.

Hey Creatures of the Night!

As you may have heard, China has experienced a very dramatic U.F.O. sighting. The event took place on the evening of July 7th, above Xiaoshan airport. Residents reported seeing a strange red disc shape, which hovered near the airport.

Incidents like this are rare in China. My research has shown that only four such incidents have been recorded. The earliest recorded date is 1942, with the next to most recent being 2006. Video of said incident can be seen here, as posted to Google video.

I am of the opinion that this video may very well be a hoax. As for the recent sighting on July 7th, I will let you decide. The images are very compelling, and yet not conclusive. I refer you to ABC for the spectacular images of this recent sighting.

The next episode of The Fly Paper Dungeon will be about exorcisms: ancient and modern. However, an episode about U.F.O.s and Extraterrestrials is forthcoming.

In love and monsters,
Johnny Zombie.

P.S. Keep watching the skies!

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