Sunday, July 11, 2010

Episode Four--Vampire Sex!

Ah, Das Vampyrien Erotika.

I actually don't think that's good German, but then again, who's taking notes? It sounded good to me at the time.

Tonight, I fly solo, and explore the vast topic of vampires as sexual metaphor. Things take a slightly more somber tone in this episode. I read an essay that I wrote about vampires as sexual metaphor, subtitled, The Time I Got Down with My Bad Vamp Self. In the process of reading I disclose a few of my not-so-unusual kinks. This is followed up by a reading of John Frost's short story The Night Visitor.

This is by no means a definitive study of such a vast topic, but it is a good starting place for those interested in the topic.

I also discuss the upcoming solar eclipse, only viewable from Easter Island (where everybody is stoned or plastered...literally). Plus, This Week in Strange covers a surprising story about Roy Rogers...and his late, great, sidkick--Trigger!

As always, your feedback is most welcome. You can listen to this week's episode on the page here, or download at (just click the title of this week's episode to be taken there).

Join me, children of the night, for an orgy of BLOOD!

As an added bonus, I've included a link to a video of Christopher Lee performing opera in 1970!

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