Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bite Me, Family Man, Bite Me!

I just finished reading Dylan Meconis' hilarious vampire farce Bite Me It recounts a tale of heroism, romance, and bloodsucking amid the French revolution. Spearheaded by Lucien, and the recently sired Claire, they are joined by German werewolf Luther, and feisty vampire Ginevra. They must rescue their fellow vamps, and coven leader, Aulric--before a religious zealot can vanquish them.

The graphic novel was begun by Meconis while still in highschool. It took her nearly four years to write and illustrate. She initially serialized her chapters online as a weekly comic strip, before publishing Bite Me in "Dead Tree" format.

I don't say this lightly. After reading viewing Miss Meconis' website, and reading her first book, I am a devoted fan. Bite Me is destined to become a classic among fans of both comedy and horror genres. Those who are not familiar with the comic book/graphic novel medium will find much to enjoy here as well. Her writing is fresh, highly skilled, and incredibly witty. I wish that more writers had her formidable talent. I am inclined to wonder if Bite Me has been optioned yet for film. It would lend itself perfectly for the screen--with it's Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright-esque style humor.

Her current graphic novel Family Man details the origin story of Luther Levy, a strong supporting character from Bite Me. It fills in the background on how Luther became a werewolf, and how he came to meet Lucien St. Yves (the vampire hero of Bite Me). While her first book was all out comedy, Family Man takes a darker tone. I've only just begun reading it, and am mightily impressed.

You can read serialized chapters of both her graphic novels, and well as buy dead tree renditions at

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