Monday, September 5, 2011

65 Years of Freddie Mercury

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It was sixty-five years ago today that one of rock's greatest voices was born. As the dynamic frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury brought a mix of pure talent, charisma, and raw energy to the stage. In my opinion he had the best voice in Rock music (closely seconded by Jim Morrison).

Queen was part of the musical landscape of my childhood. Whether it be in the form of iconic albums like A Night at the Opera, or catchy tunes such as, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love--Queen was always on the tube or the stereo. How could one not dance to Another One Bites the Dust? Or, not sing along with the satiric Fat-Bottom Girls? The emotional power of the Highlander soundtrack is just as memorable as the film itself. The majesty of Queen's music isn't limited to any one medium. Whether listening to it in the solitude of one's room. Or, with an audience of revelers and friends, Queen's music has touched all of us.

Even after Freddie's passing in 1991, his stature has not diminished. The influence of his music has permeated some of hardrock and pop music's biggest names--Metallica, Foo Fighters, Guns and Roses, and Katy Perry...the list goes on.

There had never been a recording artist like Freddie before Queen's rise. And since he left us, that hasn't been one since. Though gone from us in person, he remains in spirit. His music will live on for future generations to discover. People of all ages will dance, sing-a-long, and emulate this unique talent for as long as we have rockers.

While an episode about Freddie simply wouldn't do justice to his memory, I did something else to honor him.

Below are some of my favorite Queen videos.

Please note that today is the Freddie for a Day celebration. People all over the world are dressing as Freddie, to raise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust--the charity established in Freddie's memory.

To learn how you can help the Mercury Phoenix Trust in the fight against AIDS, please visit the link below.
The Mercury Phoenix Trust Website

Now...ready for Freddie?

A Kind of Magic
(From The Highlander soundtrack, and The Best of Queen)

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
(from the album Jazz)

Princes of the Universe
(From The Highlander Soundtrack)

Another One Bites the Dust
(from the album The Game)

(from the album The Miracle)

Enjoy this small celebration of Freddie's life and music!

Nightmare Fuel will be back with another episode on Saturday.


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