Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nighmare Fuel Podcast--Episode Eight--Eldritch Biology 101: Cthulhu

"An octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature...a pulpy head, with a mass of feelers at its mouth."
--H.P. Lovecraft.

H.P. Lovecraft's most famous creation goes under the microscope, in a manner of speaking. In this episode, I do an astrobiology primer on the Great Old One himself, Cthulhu!

Astrobiology is a nacent science, as we have yet to actually encounter alien life (intelligent, eldritch, or otherwise). However, it is a legitimate science, concerned with the potential forms that extraterrestrial life may take. While Cthulhu is a derived from very human concepts, he hales from a foreign planet. His unique biology allowed him to adapt to Earth's oceans--where he dwells in slumber until, "The stars are right."

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Podcaster's Note: I made two faux-pas in the podcast. One, is that I said "chromoreceptors" when I meant to say "chemoreceptors," to describe the octopus' ability to taste what it touches. Another error that I made, which I caught in playback, is when I said "annotate," instead of "accomodate." This is in reference to the size of Cthulhu's sepulchre. These were verbal typos that couldn't be undone before the episode was finished.

Speaking of episodes...

I've just started another podcast--one dedicated to astronomy and sci-fi. Rest assured, Nightmare Fuel will continue. The spinoff podcast and blog is called Plastic Spacemen. It can be seen and heared at

Videos of the Week
Cthulhu in Spore

Myth-O's Cereal. From the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

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Song: Island on the Horizon
Artist: Roy Garrou
Album: Island
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NEXT WEEK: Jack the Ripper--Fact from Fiction

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