Thursday, May 5, 2011

Episode 34: Sunshine (2007)

Good evening, space cadets!
This week, I discuss Danny Boyle's underappreciated Sci-Fi epic Sunshine. I also weigh in on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (if Pippa is single, I'm available). I also give my impression of death of Public Enemy Number One (You know who...he's been all over the TV lately). This intro segment lasts for only ten minutes. After that, I move onto the main topic of the show, which lasts about thirty-five minutes (including music).

Sunshine is one of those moving, somber films, that is perfect to watch during a time of great social changes adn reflection. It helps to put it all in perspective. In addition to the magnificent direction of Danny Boyle, and the innovate script by Alex Garland, it also features a beautiful score by composer John Murphy (28 Days Later), and synth pop group Underworld.

As always, you can listen to the solar flared goodness here. Or, download from

This week's Videos
Rose Byrne in the video for Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy

Cillian Murphy in a photo shoot/interview for Flaunt magazine

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