Friday, May 27, 2011

Episode 37--Horror Film Casting (Fantasy League)

Good Evening!

Tonight, I play director, as I cast adaptations of classic Gothic novels. What if Vincent Price had played Dracula? Would you like to see have seen Audrey Hepburn as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera? I do!

I give a character-by-character breakdown, and cast these famous monsters.

I would also like note that today would have been the 98th birthday of Peter Cushing. May 27th is, oddly enough, the 89th birthday of Sir Christopher Lee and the would-be 100th birthday of Vincent Price! While I've talked about Price and Cushing before, I have yet to give Sir Christopher his just due. I will rectify that omission soon enough. In this episode I pay tribute to these three icons, while playing fantasy director.

I invite you, the listener, to play along. Who would you cast in these roles?

As always, you can listen to the bloody goodness here. Or, you can download from

This Week's Videos
Vincent Price interviewed by Terry Wogan

Peter Cushing on Wogan (this was Cushing's final interview)

Sir Christopher Lee sings on film for the first time!

This Week's Links
My episodes on Vincent Price and Peter Cushing

Next Week: James Whale's Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein

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