Sunday, April 24, 2011

Episode 33--What are "B" Movies?

Good Eeeeevening, my fellow deviants!

I pose a question to all of you, and to myself, "Does the "B" movie still exist?" Sure, we have the back catalogue of Roger Corman and Jack Hill--which serve as latenight movie fodder. But are there modern "B" movies? Would you consider Stars Wars, Jaws, Indiana Jones, or Transformers to be the stuff of "B" movies? When George Lucas and Steven Spielberg changed the game of Hollywood in the late 70's, budgets, and cinema, were never the same. Movies that many of us grew up with, staples of the genre, would have once been considered "B" movies.

Stories of space wars and aliens, were considered pulp magazine page fillers, and saturday matinee tripe. Now, movies about giant robots from space are blockbusters.

  What defines a "B" Movie? Is it budget, subject matter, or genre?

While I may not have definitive answers in this week's episod--I bring up some interesting ideas.

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Videos of The Week:
Corman's classic The Terror! Starring Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson

Links of the Week:
SAVE WICKED GROUNDS! San Francisco's premiere kink-themed coffee shop!

The Music of Roy Garrou!
As featured in this week's episode

The trailer for France's first 3-D movie!
Behind the Walls, starring the lovely Laetitia Casta!

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