Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nightmare Fuel Podcast--Episode Five--Carmilla

Good Evening, my lovely deviants!

Tonight, we take a journey to the nocturnal side of a most exclusive sapphic sisterhood. The female vampire has been with us since the days of Lilith. But the lesbian vampire traces its' roots to J.S. Lefanu's Carmilla. Published in 1872, this tastefully written account of same sex attraction between a vampire and a young woman has become a mainstay of horror fiction.

You can take my word for it, as you listen to the episode. Afterwards, listen to the vampiric goodness as read by the beautifully-voiced Elizabeth Klett from
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Podcaster's Note: I originally intended to talk about the various film adaptations of Carmilla as well, but didn't get round to it in this week's episode. So, that'll be next week's topic. Also, due to space limitations on, I will post all future episodes to As always, you can listen to the episodes here, via the embedded player. I will also continue to make the links available to where you can download each week's episode for play on iPod, and other devices.

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This week's videos
The lovely Anna Calvi performs DESIRE

Vampire makeup tutorial from youtube favorite Michelle Phan

Next Week: Carmilla--films about and inspired by her. 

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