Friday, July 29, 2011

Nightmare Fuel Podcast--Episode Four: Hodge Podge and Hellraiser Comic

Good evening, my lovely deviants!

This week, your humble host discusses two topics for the (Vincent) price of one.

First, in a segment called, The Five Minute Thought, I talk about collectors and fandom. I ask the question, "Can it go too far?" When we have people in costumes making marriage proposals, Star Wars--themed weddings, and children named for characters in movies and TV shows--does fandom go too far sometimes? While I think it's up to the individual, others may disagree. Either way, it's a topic worth discussing.

I also give an overview of the new Hellraiser comic book, SPOILER FREE! The new eight issue series is co-written by the man himself, CLIVE BARKER! A glorious return to the world of Cenobites, Kirsty Cotton, and puzzle boxes from hell!

Plus, I look forward to spending a Saturday at Steel City Con--Pgh's largest toy and comic convention!

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Videos of the Week
Captain McNally's heroic proposal at San Diego Comic Con 2011

The Super Mario Bros. themed proposal referenced in my commentary

For the pure fun of it...MOTORHEAD--KILLED BY DEATH! Featuring a zombie LEMMY!

NEXT WEEK: J.S. Lefanu's CARMILLA, and the Tradition of Lesbian Vampires (sink your fangs into undead sapphic love)

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