Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nightmare Fuel--Episode One--Voodoo and Zombies

Good evening!

Welcome to the newly reVAMPED Nightmare Fuel Podcast! Formerly The Fly Paper Dungeon Podcast, Nightmare Fuel seeks to be better, darker, and more focused. The past thirty-nine episodes were just a warm up compared to what I have in store for you, my deviants!

This week, I detail the history and traditions of Voodoo and Zombies. I answer questions, "What is Voodoo?" And, "Where did zombies come from?"

The new show is massively different from the previous podcast.

Here are some of the differences...

First, the episodes are shorter and more focused. They'll usually clock in at around thirty minutes or so. This week's episode is about thirty-two minutes.

Second, there is no more, "News and Reviews" section. This was removed to both streamline the broadcast, and to stay on topic. I also felt that any "current" news would be ancient history for new listeners. For the latest news and reviews in horror, I'll refer listeners to
They also have free movies and shows on the site. I enjoy many a night browsing that site.

Third, there's no bumper music. Instead, I'll feature one song per week. This keeps the show focused. It also keeps the length and file size down.

Fourth, I'm using as my new hosting site. The show will still be broadcast from this site, via an embeddable player. You can also download via podbean. I'm going to see about putting the show on iTunes. This will make the show more accessible. I will also upload files to my old hosting site, This also allows the show to be archived on a permenant basis, and available for download without an iTunes account. (Just click the link below the player, same as before).

That's about all I can think of for right now.

On with the show!
(Click here to download from podbean!)

Video of the Week

Haitian Voodoo Dance

Rob Zombie's Dragula!

Next week: Night of the Living Dead...and the history of the zombie movie

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