Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Name Changes and New Format...NIGHTMARE FUEL!

Hallo, my deviants!

Before I post this week's episode, I want to inform all of you that starting on July 1st The Fly Paper Dungeon will have a new name. From that day forth it will be known as NIGHTMARE FUEL!

I've contemplated changing the name for ages, and even posted a few polls as to the subject. I feel that it's time for this change to occur. The podcast, and all that comes will it, will continue--same zombie time, same zombie channel. I'm just changing the name, and the format, a little.

I will post another reminder to update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc. when the time comes. I will also give reminders in the episodes to come. This podcast has been on the air for almost a year at this point. Though I receive little feedback, I still enjoy doing it. I know that those of you who follow via the Google Follower function, and the RSS feed, enjoy it as well.

This week's episode is coming up in a day or two. The topic will be...Clive Barker's Hellraiser.

Johnny Zombie,
Over and Out.

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