Friday, November 26, 2010

Episode 18--The Women of Horror (Top 5)

Good evening, children of the night...

Vamps, vixens, survivor girls, and scream queens.

The women of horror are known by many titles. They all have one thing in common--THEY ROCK! This episode is all about the ladies of horror, as I count down my top five favorite fearless female characters. From the gutsy Ellen Ripley, to the sassy Sookie Stackhouse--Johnny Zombie courts beauty, danger, and talent. Kudos are given not only the characters, but the actresses that brought them to life.

This is a light-hearted escape into fandom. A look at women who deserve admiration and respect-- because they could save your hide from snarling alien beasts, and guys with chainsaws (if only I could find a woman like this in real life...yet I digress).

A memorial is given to Ingrid Pitt, the late, great, queen of the night! A staple of Hammer Horror films, Ms. Pitt passed away on November 23rd, at the age of 73. She co-starring with Peter Cushing and Sir Christopher Lee in many Hammer Films. She originated the role of Le Fanu's lesbian vampire icon Carmilla. During her fantastic career, she also co-starred with Clint Eastwood, in the WWII action flick Where Eagles Dare. She will be greatly missed.
To read more about Ingrid Pitt's career and life, click this link: Ingrid Pitt's obituary from Britain's Telegraph News Paper Online  

The list of Heroines and Villainesses is as follows...

1. Lt. Ellen Ripley

                                                                2. Laurie Strode

3. Ginger Fitzgerald

4. Sookie Stackhouse

5. Carmilla

A breakdown of personality traits is given, as well as commentary from your's truly. :)

Speaking of heroines...(and heroes)
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