Friday, November 19, 2010

Episode 17--HEAVY METAL

This week Johnny Zombie straps on his broadsword and lazer gun, as he takes a ride on HEAVY METAL--the animated fantasy classic.

A ground-breaking work of adult animation--Heavy Metal was the work of over a one-hundred animators, and a team of talented writers and artists, and a brilliant cast. The art and words of Richard Corbin, Bernie Wrightson, Dan O'Bannon, and Juan Giminez jumps off the screen!

Inspired by the self-proclaimed, "adult illustrated fantasy magazine, Heavy Metal is a midnight movie classic that has only grown in stature over it's 30 year history." Heavy Metal continues to rock audiences with its masterful blend of sci-fi, action, horror, comedy, and sexuality (everything a growing geek, or geekette, needs). 

Also discussed is the upcoming film Dead Woman's Hollow, which is being shot in my home state of Pennsylvania. You can help contribute to the making of this film, and learn more about it here:
Support indie filmmaking!

Also, please support a dear friend...  

Leda Locke, a good friend to both Dillon and I, needs your help. She is facing breast cancer, and the prognosis is good. She will most likely avoid the difficulties associated with radiation and chemotherapy, however, she will require a double mastectomy. Some of the essential precedures are covered by her husband's insurance--however, there is still a significant shortfall.

This is where you, the listeners, can help. The goal of this podcast is to raise at least 5,000 dollars to go toward's Leda's treatment fund. I know that times are tough, but if everybody who listens to this podcast were to donate what they can, they could easily make a difference. Even if you can't afford to give, pass this info on to someone who can. Breast cancer not only affects the women in our respective lives, but the friends, significant others, and families of those confronting the illness.

You can donate to Leda Locke's Treatment Fund via her Paypal:

As a special "thank you" to listeners of this cast, Dillon and I will record an audiobook of horror tales that will be available only to donors. It will be emailed to donors, and will be in the MP3 format, so you can listen to it anytime and anywhere.

As always, you can listen to the metallic goodness here, or download from

The "B-17" segment, based on a story by Dan O'Bannon

Carole Desbien as Taarna

This week's links:

Billy the Kid Vs. Jack the Ripper!

The Dutch "psycho Santa film" SINT

A very serious story about bullying from the official Star Wars blog.

As always, comments are appreciated!

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