Friday, December 3, 2010

Episode 19--TRON

Greetings, programs!

This week, Johnny Zombie gives his personal perspective on a true genre classic--Disney's TRON (1982).

The first film to incorporate CG animation, and combine it with live action, TRON was a trailblazer that forged a path twenty years ahead of its time.

Starring Jeff Bridges as hacker Kevin Flynn--TRON is the story of living programs who fight against the Master Control Program computer. Their mission is to liberate cyberspace. Sound familiar? A similar plot would be recycled for the Matrix Trilogy in '99. My recommendation--see the real deal--revisit the world of TRON.

I'm looking forward to the coming sequel, TRON: Legacy, which premieres later this month (Dec. 17th).

Tron was also the first film to comment on the influence of computers in our everyday life. It presaged a time when Users would live vicariously through their virtual counterparts.

Join me on this journey back to one of my favorite films from childhood.

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This Week's Links

The one of the original ATARI Tron video games: DEADLY DISCS OF TRON!

A tribute article to Irvin Kershner and Leslie Nielsen.
Plus, video of Nielsen's Ben-Hur screen test!

The famous "Lightcycle" sequence.

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