Thursday, January 13, 2011

Episode 22--EVIL BABIES!

Good evening, my lovelies!

This week, Johnny Zombie takes a trip to the maternity HELL!

EVIL BABIES is the topic this week! I pay a visit to cradle of fear, with two tiny-tot-based horror birthings.

First up is the 2009 shocker Grace, starring the lovely and talented Jordan Ladd. While not a perfect film, it is memorable. It also succeeds in delivering the gore factor in oodles of cuddly ickiness.

The second film discussed is Roman Polanski's classic adaptation of Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby. A controversial film in its day, it still packs a punch. From Mia Farrow's magnificent performance, to the unsettling ending, this film has not lost any of it's (Satanic) power over its forty year history. (BTW: I don't spoil the ending!) 

Both films are discuss spoiler free! Ok, some minor spoilers on Grace, but nothing that isn't shown to you in the trailer.

New segments on this new format include: Talking Points.
This week's Talking Point: The Star Wars Blu-Ray set. Is it worth re-buying the classic films we already have on DVD?

In FROM THE VAULTS I blow the cobwebs off an obscure gem or two.
This week's FROM THE VAULTS is the underappreciated Bruce Willis comedy Hudson Hawk.

In this episode I innuagurate our first SCREAM Queen of the Week!
This week's lucky lady is: Emma Stone!

This Zombieland stunner is a multitalented actress, singer, and future co-star of new Spider-Man reboot!

(see the Wikipedia article for more details. Browse the photo gallery above!)

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You can listen to the baby love here (Click the player, it works!) Or, you can download the show at (see the link below the embedded player)

This Week's Video is...David Solet's original short that inspired Grace.

FROM THE VAULTS movie link: Hudson Hawk (Courtesy of

This Week's Video: The "Zombie Baby" sequence from Peter Jackson's Dead Alive!

NEXT WEEK: Vincent Price Double Feature! The House on Haunted Hill & The Last Man on Earth!

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