Sunday, October 31, 2010

Episode 15--The Call of Cthulhu


Good evening, fellow cultists!

Tonight, Johnny Zombie does a special Halloween reading of Lovecraft's best known work, The Call of Cthulhu. Those who are not yet acquainted with the patron god of this podcast, may shake tentacles with the Elder God himself tonight.

An H.P. Lovecraft episode is forthcoming. This is just a taste of the eldritch goodness. Enjoy the madness.

Most importantly, this episode presents an opportunity to lend a helping hand.

Leda Locke, a good friend to both Dillon and I, needs your help. She is facing breast cancer, and the prognosis is good. She will most likely avoid the difficulties associated with radiation and chemotherapy, however, she will require a double mastectomy. Some of the essential precedures are covered by her husband's insurance--however, there is still a significant shortfall.

This is where you, the listeners, can help. The goal of this podcast is to raise at least 5,000 dollars to go toward's Leda's treatment fund. I know that times are tough, but if everybody who listens to this podcast were to donate what they can, they could easily make a difference. Even if you can't afford to give, pass this info on to someone who can. Breast cancer not only affects the women in our respective lives, but the friends, significant others, and families of those confronting the illness. 

You can donate to Leda Locke's Treatment Fund via her Paypal:

As a special "thank you" to listeners of this cast, Dillon and I will record an audiobook that will be available only to donors. It will be emailed to donors, and will be in the MP3 format, so you can listen to it anytime and anywhere. The audio book is a compilation of classic horror tales.

Stories include...

Herbert West--Reanimator (The Lovecraft's own Frankenstein that inspired Gordon Stuart's cult classic film

The Black Cat (Edgar Allan Poe likes kitty!)

and many more...

Again, to get this audio book, you must donate to Via Paypal.

All proceeds go to Leda's cancer treatment fund. Please put in the subject line: "FLY PAPER CANCER FUND," so that we know who to thank. We'll send out the MP3s as soon as someone donates. 

I thank you for helping out as best you can. 

Till next week, enjoy THE CALL OF CTHULHU...because they don't get long distance in R'lyeh.

As always, you can listen to the eldritch madness here, or download us from

Brand Gamblin's brilliant spoof: CALLS FOR CTHULHU!

Talk to you next week!

Cthulhu F'tagan!

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