Sunday, October 17, 2010

Episode 13--Samhain

This week, Johnny Zombie details the history of horror's most sacred day--Halloween! From the Celtic festival of Samhain, to the Psuedo-religious "All Hallows Eve," Mr. Zombie gives you the story--pumpkin guts, and all!

Also discussed: Anna Paquin's sexy turn as Little Red Riding Hood in "Trick R' Treat," SPOILER FREE!

I've recently been reading...Robert E. Howard's "The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane." The episode is forthcoming!

What I've been writing...The ultra-secret "novel-that-cannot-be-named!"

Plus, I send out a special request to you, the listeners of this podcast!

Strap yourselves in, THE DUNGEON IS IN SESSION!

Next Week: A long promised episode...THE WICKER MAN! Robin Hardy's 1973 original, starring Sir Christopher Lee!

A soon to be classic! Modern retro!

Aren't I nice? I shared a lovely photo of Anna/Mrs. Moyers.

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