Saturday, February 26, 2011

Episode 26--Hey, Joe Strummer!

Hello, my lovely deviants!

This week, Johnny Zombie continues his Rock Doc ark with...Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten. This brilliant documentary from 2008 details the life and career of Joe Strummer--the frontman of the legendary rock band The Clash. A mix of archival footage, live performances, and interviews with friends and family--The Future is Unwritten is an honest account of one of Rock music's best and brightest icons.

Then, I strap on my guns for "a story of blood, money, guns, coffee, and sexual tension."
Straight to Hell is an homage to the Eastwood/Leone "Man with No Name" westerns.  Set in 1987, Straight to Hell tells the story of a band of outlaws on the run from their disgruntled boss. They've botched a job, and are lying low in town full of crazies. This western fantasy has cult classic written all over it. Directed by Alex Cox (a cult figure himself, best known for directing Sid and Nancy). This shoot'em up is just as much a comedy (in the vein of Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright flicks) as it is a tribute to Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah. The flim features a veritable who's-who of punk, new wave, and cinema. Starring Joe Strummer, Courtney Love, The Pogues, Elvis Costello, Grace Jones, and Dennis Hopper (just to name a few).

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This Week's Videos!
Joe Strummer's video for Love Kills (from the Sid and Nancy Soundtrack)

(featuring Joe Strummer and Gary Oldman!)

The Magnificent Seven (Live)
The Clash in action!

This is Radio Clash!

Next Week: Horror Hosts!

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