Thursday, September 2, 2010

Episode 9--Remakes and Unmakes

Hey listeners,
This week, Johnny Zombie and Dillon discuss remakes, unmakes, and never-makes. We list the films we'd like to see remade, unmade, and never made. There is such a thing as a good remake, though it is hard to find. We give some examples of remakes gone right, and gone wrong. We also offer our thoughts on films that should never have existed in the first place. The episode is introduced by our new sponser Trader Zombies. We also discuss our recent revists to old sci-fi series and anime (more often then not, they coincide).

The discussion recorded for this episode is largely hypothetical. I invite all listeners to give examples of remakes--both good and bad. I also want to hear your thoughts on films that should never be.
As always, you can listen to the carnage here, or at You can also download us from our gracious host at (see link below the player).

Included as bonus material is an embed of the DUNE fan video that is mentioned in tonight's show. Plus, a link to Siloff's wonderful Steam Punk Star Wars figures.

In steam and monsters (and steamy monsters),
Johnny Zombie

Author's note: Due to technical difficulties Part Two of the Death Troopers episode will take longer than expected to upload. It is forthcoming!

Sillof's awesome Steam Punk Star Wars figures!


The Eddie Izzard video that Dillon mentioned...Izzard's take on US Vs. British films

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  1. The best D&D movie I have seen is the 13th Warrior. Multiple classes. Quest driven. Unclear advisory.

    I would love to see a remake of some of the old classic like The ghost and Mrs Muir and The bell, book, and candle just too get a new generation informed.